Addyi Viagra for Women 

Addyi is the trade name for Flibanserin, a medication for pre-menopausal women whose sexual desire is sluggish. Many people refer to Addyi as Viagra for women. Do women really need a female Viagra?
 Female Viagra
Studies showed only 10 percent of premenstrual women suffer from hyposexual desire disorder. Women who can't satisfy their own sexual desires and the sexual desires of their male partner, could suffer from physical and physical well-being. Many doctors don't see this low sex drive as a problem. People wonder if Addyi really works.
 Does Addyi Work?
Addyi is a pill that needs to be taken once a day every day before you can see longtime results unlike Viagra that works instantaneously. Many users complain that Addyi does not work well enough for their needs. Addyi wasn't approved by the Food and Drug Association in 2010. Eventually the FDA was forced to approve Adyi because critics thought it was sexist to only have a sexual drug on the market for men but not women. . 
Addyi received three and a half stars from Amazon. Many people who have tried Addyi said it gives them more energy for sex. One woman said she had a hysterectomy and her hormones were up and down like an amusement park ride. Addyi evened out her hormones and stabilized her. A third woman said that Addyi enhanced her libido and made her happier. She no longer feels grumpy. This product can change your mood after one week of use. You husband or partner will notice your increase in intimacy. After 17 years of marriage and three children, the spark of romance has returned after one day of use. 
The makers of Addyi advice not to take this pill with an alcoholic beverage.