One Writer Takes Addyi

A Reporter Opens up a Whole New Type of Experience

The best place to start 

     It's often hard to know where to begin with a really new experience. The world moves rather quickly these days. And some of the newest advances carry mixed signals. On one hand, they're enticing and exciting. But when something is really new one often wants to discuss it first. But with rare and new experiences that can be difficult. Even more so when the experiences are of a more personal nature. That's one of the reasons why so many people's eyes lit up when they saw an experienced writer tackled a difficult subject. They saw a headline reading one writer takes Addyi and suddenly things began to reframe themselves. Finally, someone had pushed forward with a more personal story.


Getting more intimate experiences matters

     What really mattered about this for a lot of women was how open she was. The reporter was hardly keeping things as clinical as the average journal article. She went into the exact details which most women were concerned about. One nice point came up when she even mentioned being asked about it by a nurse when she was getting her checkup. She wasn't just talking about if the pill really did work like a female Viagra. She also went into details about the more subjective angles. Like how long it took before she noticed anything. What she noticed about it. Even how the whole experience changed more intimate moments with her husband. In the end, she framed it as something people could really learn from. And it might just offer a lot of women exactly what they needed. Which is someone not just telling them raw specs or whether it works. But openly talking about how it works. And helping people learn about just whether or not it's applicable to their personal needs.